Know exactly what you're earning & keep everything
Dub's BYO advertising is a completely transparent &
more effective way to monetize your domains.
Start your domain parking  
It's about time you know exactly what you're earning.
Existing parking companies place ads on your domains and then take a cut of your earnings, without you ever knowing exactly how much your domains earn.
We are here to change that. At Dub, you bring your own ads and we'll display them for you on your domains. You will get to find out exactly how much you have earned. The best part? You keep everything you earn.
Simple, flexible & transparent
Dub's Ad Manager is a place where you manage all your ad items. Add them once and then re-used them throughout all your Parking Sites or Parking Pages. You will get detailed report on how each ad item performs.
You have the complete freedom on what type of advertising you bring to your domains.
And we said this already, but it's worth repeating; Dub does not take anything from what you earn. You keep absolutely everything.

Did we also mention it's free?
Let's go monetize your domains will be re-launching in April. Read the news here.