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Your time is just too valuable.
Hands up if you want to keep loggging into multiple domain registrars to manage your domains, update their details and make sure they are renewed properly?
Of course you don't. We hate it too. So we built Dub's Domain Manager to handle all that from one central place, so you can spend your valueable time on more productive things.
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Domain Manager Features
All types of domains from
every registrar in the world
Flexible and robust, Dub works with all types of domains, whether it be .com or 🙌🐍 domains. We work nicely with all types of registrars. So go ahead and import them all. One or 1,000,000 domains, we'll handle them all.
Import via file, list or API & choose your own way
Importing domains on Dub cannot be any easier. You can upload a file with list of all your domains, or type in one at a time. We even connect to registrars' APIs so that you can import your domains with a single click.
A bird's eye view of all your domains
Managing your domains from a single place is essential for domain professionals like yourself. Get all the relevant information about all your domains from Dub, so you are always up-to-date with your domains.
Park all your domains at once with a click of a button
Dub's Domain Manager comes with handy bulk-creation and bulk-editing feature. Select as many domains as you wish and click a button and boom! all your domains will be parked using either our parking site or parking page.
Sell better & sell more with domain meta data
Enrich your domain with meta data. Domain Manager allows you to categorize, tag and upload logos for your domains. If you're selling your domains, you can also type in selling price or Buy-It-Now price.
Always one step away from our world class support
At any point in time you're stuck with our Domain Manager, our team is prepared to help you every single step of the way. Dub prides itself with world-class support so talk to us and we'll support you always.
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