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What does Dub.io do again?
Dub.io gives you a website when you sign up. This website will contain contents that you wish to display (more on this below).

The point is then for you to connect your un-used domain names to this site so that your domains become proper websites rather than doing nothing.
So how do I display the contents that I wish to display on Dub.io?
There are several ways. You can first provide some keywords to Dub.io and then Dub.io will find relevant articles, stories and vidoes based on those keywords.

You can also specify RSS feeds that Dub.io can read to get contents.

How often do you find these contents?
Dub.io will find these contents as regularly as possible so that your sites will display the latest contents.
How will people find my Dub.io site?
Several ways - easiest way is to connect a Twitter account and Dub.io will automatically post contents to your Twitter account at a regular interval of your choice.

Dub.io also gives you a automated newsletter feature and RSS feeds with which your visitors can sign-up for regular updates.
How often do you post to my Twitter account?
This is up to you. You can set it to post as often as one content every 15 minutes or once an hour or once every 3 hours. THis is configurable via your Dub.io admin panel.
Why is Dub.io free?
We are a young start-up and right now we want to make sure that our tool provides values to our users as we are building up various features for our tool.

We will be planning a paid plan in the future, but right now everything is free for our users.
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