Everything you need and nothing you don't
Dub.io has everything you need to make the most out of your un-used domains.
What you get with Dub.io
every site gets a free Dub.io sub-domain
When you create an account with Dub.io, you can create as many sites as you want. Every site you create comes with its own unique Dub.io sub-domain, (e.g. http://myhome.dub.io) which is accessible immediately by the world.
byod - bring your own domain
Once you create a site, you can connect your own domain name to your Dub.io site. You can connect any type of domains, whether it be a root-level domain (http://www.mysite.com), a second-level domain (http://www.mysite.com.au) or a sub-domain (http://blog.mysite.com).

We also help you every step of the way to set this up so you can rest easy.
contents, contents, contents!
For each site you create, we help you fill it with relevant high quality contents discovered from the web. You can add contents via RSS feeds (add as many as you want) or based on keywords. With keywords, Dub.io will automatically curate the latest and most relevant articles so that your site only provides the highest quality contents to your visitors.
diverse content sources
Contents are not just limited by RSS feeds or web pages. We are adding more and more sources each day to populate your site with quality contents that your visitors will be interested in. These sources includes YouTube and Vimeo vidoes, Reddit posts, tweets and medium articles.
announce to the Twitter world
Once your site is populated with quality contents, it's now time to start telling the world about these awesome contents. Dub.io allows you to do this by connecting a Twitter account and automatically tweeting these contents. Worried about too many tweets going out? Don't worry. Dub.io lets you specify how often you wish to tweet these contents.
grow your Twitter presence at the same time
Not only does Dub.io help you auto-tweet your quality contents, we also help you get more followers and grow your Twitter presence by auto-following relevant people, auto-liking related tweets and auto-responding to your followers. We implement the latest and best practice Twitter strategies to continuously grow your Twitter influence, all automatically.
automatic newsletter subscription feature
Each Dub.io also includes a fully-featured automatic newsletter subscription component. This increases your site's influence by converting your visitors to newsletter subscribers where they will receive either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletters with the contents that they may have missed from your site.
RSS feed for every site
And of course, if your visitors want to subscribe to RSS feed instead of newsletters, every Dub.io will also include it with a click of a button.
Make money from your site
Create sources of revenue from your Dub.io sites by embedding your own Google AdSense code or VigLink. The best part? You keep everything you earn - evern penny (or cent).
complete automation
Everything that is included in Dub.io has been designed so that they can be self-sustaining. This means once you have set it up you can leave it running in the background. Dub.io will send you weekly updates on how your sites are performing and also tell you of anything that you need to pay attention to. But apart from that everything is automated, so you can just leave it running without worrying.
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