Be the Master of Your Domains.
Connect your un-used domains and
find audience, generate leads & earn money.
Fully Automated & No Coding Involved.
Be the Master of
Your Domains.
Connect your un-used domains to
find audience, generate leads &
earn money.
Fully Automated &
No Coding Involved.
Simply, the best way to utilize your idle domains, period.
Got un-used domain names doing nothing? Or are they showing ugly landing pages filled with useless ads? turns your idle domains into a high quality, content-driven, fully-functioning web site that runs automatically, packed with awesome features.
Interested? Let's Super Charge Your Domains
Connect any type of domain,
from all types of registrars. works with all kinds of domains - top-level, 2nd-level, sub-domains - you name it, from all domain registrars.
And here's a little secret. You don't even need a domain name to get started. We'll give you one when you sign up!
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Get Your Un-Used Domains to Work!
Here are just a few things that offers.
curated, optimized & content driven
Soon as you connect your domain to, you get a high quality, curated content-driven website targeted to your visitors. Each content is optimized for all search engines with various media types embedded.
engage your & turn them into fans
With a built-in social engagement initiative, your site will expand its reach to different social network to find leads and convert them into your followers and subscribers.
embed your own ads & keep everything
Create sources of revenue from your sites by embedding your own Google AdSense code or VigLink. The best part? You keep everything you earn - evern penny (or cent).
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Completely automated.
So you can focus on other things.
Achieve freedom by setting up your site and letting it run on its own. Don't worry, we'll send you regular report so you can track what is happening.
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What our users say about
Within a week of using, our Twitter account @faithfulnews saw 68% increase in the number of Twitter followers. We checked every one of those followers and they were all genuine - no spams!.
We tried with a brand new Twitter account @datainfact. Now after a month, we have almost 1000 followers who are highly engaged with contents delivered via our site.
150% increase in visitors, almost 200% increase in Twitter followers, and 300% increase in our newsletter subscriptions. All these without doing anything in the last 4 weeks. I think that's pretty good results. @heystartup
We're planning to launch our startup in few months and by starting early with, we now have a solid number of interested users, who we can contact, ask questions and receive feedback. @elseif_net
World-class support provided, always. team lives and breathes customer service amongst other things. We will help you at every step of the way to make sure you get most out of our tool.
Whether it's a question, feedback or suggestion, we are just one email away and we will respond usually in an hour.
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