Keep all your domain sales leads &
enquiries in one place
Be on top of where your leads are &
never lose track of precious sales.
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It's one thing to sell, but another to manage the sales process.
Selling domains is a delicate process and we understand it, because we've been through it ourselves. That is why we keep all your sales leads and any enquiries you receive in one single place so you can keep track of them all.
Never lose a track of your messages
Consider Dub's Leads Inbox as a back-up of all the emails you have received about your domains. We keep all the messages in one place so you never lose them even if you accidentally deleted your email.
Leads Inbox also has a feature to flag a message as a SPAM so you don't ever receive an email from that user. You can also star a message to keep really important messages in a separate place.

Did we also mention it's free?
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