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Still parking your domains with those old and ugly pages?
As domain professionals ourselves, we were quite tired of those ugly landing pages given by parking companies. So we built Dub's Parking Site.
Dub's Parking Site immediately transforms your domain into a fully functional content-driven site.
And it's jam-packed with all the features you need to bring traffic and revenue far more than other methods.
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Your're in good hands
I've been a domain professional for 14 years and Dub is the most exciting thing I've seen happening to our industry.
Watching the traffic coming in and seeing users return repeatedly to my domain is simply amazing - not bad for a 1-minute set-up.
4x more traffic and revenue from my domains within 3 months. What more could I ask for? And Dub's support is second to none.
Parking Site Core Features
Just a few things that parking site offers
Only the most relevant &
high quality contents
Dub crawls the web and discovers only the most relevant and high quality contents for your domain. And with our filter control system, you can manage every single content according to your needs.
Includes best SEO practice &
indexed by all search engines.
We implement the latest and best SEO practice in all the contents that are included in your site. Plus, every site created is indexed by all major search engines, so you can trust that your site is getting the best treatment.
Everything belongs
back to your domain.
Every backlink, every referral, every SEO scores your site receives through Dub belongs right back to your domain. There is nothing that Dub takes and your visitor will always see your domain & never Dub's URLs.
Control revenue stream &
keep everything you earn.
By integrating directly with Dub's Ad Manager, you get to place your own advertising items on your parking sites. And of course, with Dub's zero-commission guarantee, you keep everything you earn.
Integrate directly with social networks to maximize traffic
Content discovered is content shared - automatically with popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger & Tumblr. You also configure how often your contents are shared, so you're always in control.
Analyze everything, learn, improve & repeat
Analyze your domain's performance via our dashboard and reports, or integrate directly with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. Observe key metrics and apply different strategies to improve - repeat until win!
More than a site.
It's a community.
Parking site engages your visitors even further by turning it into a community. Your visitors can sign up as a member, submit posts, leave comments, bookmark contents, subscribe to newsletter and more.
Make your site stand out by designing it yourself.
Choose a theme then further customize it by changing fonts, colors and sizes. Apply CSS to various elements in the site to make it uniquely yours. Upload a logo, favicon and background images to give that personal touch.
Let your domain speak your language.
Don't like a wording or a label on the site? Dub gives you the ability to change every single one of them to suit your needs. Heck, you can even translate the entire site into another language. It's yours, so let it speak your language.
Grow your domain &
sell it at the same time.
If you're parking a domain with a goal of selling it, Dub comes with a For Sale page, which you can configure to receive sales inquiries from your visitors. You get to grow your domain and never miss out on any sales leads!
No approval process.
Your domain is fine.
Many parking companies only approve domains with high traffic. As long as you meet the minimum requirements outlined in our Terms & Conditions Dub has no approval process since we build traffic for your domain.
Backed by our famous support, every step of the way.
Did we mention that our customer support is our main product? Let us know of any issue at any time and you can be sure that you will hear from our team sooner than later. No call centers. Just a friendly & responsive help.
Ready give Dub a try?
Get Started with Dub will be re-launching in April. Read the news here.