Dub Asset Manager
As you use Dub for various purposes, you will come across situations where you need to upload images or files. This could be logos and favicons for your parking sites and pages or background images that you want to use for them.
Asset Manager is a place where you can keep all of these files (which we call assets). Once you add an asset via asset manager, you can select it from other places. Asset Manager also helps you find where exactly your image is being used.
Screenshot 1. Asset Manager
Adding an asset
Add an asset by clicking on New Asset button on the page and you will see a popup as shown in screenshot 2.
Screenshot 2. Add a new asset item
Upload a file and also give it a name so you can easily find it later. Please note that there is a maximum file size of 2MB per file and each user has been given a 100MB of storage.
That's it. You can click Save to save this asset and after that you will be able to add this to your parking site and parking page.
Updating & Deleting
Updating and deleting assets work in the same way as many of the other pages available on admin panel. Once you update or delete the changes will also automatically be applied to all the sites and pages that use the asset.