Creating a Parking Page - 1. Choose a Domain
Without further a do, let's create a parking page and there are several ways you can do this. First, when you click on "Pages" menu item, you will see a button on the right hand side Create a new parking page You can also go to "My Domains" and click on "+ Page" button on a domain to create a parking page.
You will see a dialogue where you need to select a domain for your new parking page as displayed in screenshot 1 (of course, this is not the case when you click on "+ Page" button next to a domain in "My Domains" page).
Screenshot 1. Dialogue to select a domain that you wish to use for a parking page
If you have added a domain via "My Domains" page, you can select an existing domain from the drop down. Or if you want to add another domain, you can just type it in the text field.
You will also see an option where you can have your parking page accessed via a prefix. A prefix to the domain is often called sub-Domain. An early convention for domains was to assign www prefix to indicate that the sub-domain was a World Wide Web page. This convention still exists but many pages now have their root domain (i.e. without the prefix) as their primary domain.
Note that this is up to your preference. You can have either "www" or any other prefix. But it's important to keep things consistent. Once you have decided how it is accessed, Dub will make sure that all traffic is directed via a consistent URL format.
Once you have selected a domain and a prefix preference you can click create to proceed to the next step.
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