Introduction to Dub Parking Page
In addition to Dub's parking site, Dub's parking page offers another way of parking your domains. If you haven't done so already, please read our documentation on Domain Parking at Dub and Introduction to Parking Site.
In contrast to parking sites, parking pages offer a simple and purposeful landing page for your domains. If your primary goal is to sell your domains, you can create a parking page with a form where visitors to your domain can submit a proposal to purchase your domains. Or if you want your visitors to simply contact you to discuss anything about the domain, you can do that too.
Just like the parking sites, there are many features you can take advantage of and they will help you maximize what you can get out of Dub. So please read through the various documentations that are provided here and also test out all the different options so that you become more familiar with what is offered.
And as always, if you have any questions, we are always available via email at Thank you, and good luck!
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