Domain Parking at Dub
At Dub, we specialize in domain parking and we are constantly innovating on different ways to maximize your parked domains. Hence, domain parking at Dub works a little differently.
Dub Parking Site
Instead of giving you a rudimentary landing page, Dub's flagship product is parking site. When you create a parking site with domain, you're not getting a landing page, but rather your domain is converted into a fully functional content-driven website, which offers a myriad of features that cannot be matched with a single page. More detailed information can be found in our Parking Site section.
Dub Parking Page
But what if you still want to place a simple landing page for your domains? Not to worry. Dub still offers the traditional parking pages for your domains, but with additional features only provided by Dub. You can read more about this in our Parking Page section.
Best of Both Worlds
By offering both parking sites and parking pages, Dub gives you a flexible option of parking. You can switch between the two parking types at any time and utilize all the features that are provided by Dub.
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