Introduction to Dub Portfolio
If you're a domain professional (often called 'Domainer') or even a hobbyist who have purchased a number of domains, chances are you want to sell some of them.
Of course, you can park each of your domains through Dub's parking site or parking page. But a great way to bring all your domains into one central place to showcase and sell is through Dub Portfolio.
In a simple term, you create a Dub Portfolio and then add domains to that portfolio. Then all your domains will be listed in a beautifully designed portfolio theme equipped with search functionality and ability for visitors to contact you directly on the domains that they might be interested in.
You can customize each portfolio in great depth, just like you configured Dub Parking Site and Parking Page. If you have already used any of these two, many of the features would be familiar to you already, so you can get started immediately.
Also note that you can create as many portfolios on Dub as you want. This is great because you can create a category-specific portfolio for your domains. For example, you may have many domain names about Augmented Reality (AR) then you can group them to one portfolio - perhaps call it AR Domain Shop. Or you may wish to create a portfolio specific to a geographical location. If you have lots of .de domains, then chances are you would probably want to target German-speaking visitors. You can then create a portfolio for these domains only and then also translate the entire portfolio so that you can contextualize for particular audience.
In this documentation, we have explained in great detail how to create a portfolio and how to configure and manage them, so your portfolio is personalized for you and maximizes the potential of each domain listed.
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