Parking Site or Parking Page?
If you have purchased a domain name and you are now considering to parking it, Dub offers perfect options for you to explore.
But unlike other domain parking companies who only offer rudimentary landing pages, Dub provides both parking sites and parking pages. Which option should you choose to park your domain? On this page we will try to explain both in a bit more depth and help you decide.
Dub Parking Page - Quick, simple & straight-forward
Let's start with parking pages. As explained in Domain Parking at Dub parking pages are simple one-page landing spot for your visitors to your domain. If your primary goal for the domain is to sell or allow your visitors to contact you for any questions on the domain, then parking pages give you exactly what you need.
Via Dub's Parking Pages, you will be able to set up your page with a single click, choose from a variety of themes, configure the text and labels and your page will be ready to go. Parking pages are simple for both you and your visitors and suitable for a single-purpose domains, which requires almost zero maintenance.
Dub Parking Site - For maximum impact
Dub's Parking Site is our flagship product and it is for those who want to maximize the potential of your domain in terms of user visits and engagement.
The first thing about the parking site is that it is a fully functional web site that is driven by high-quality, relevant contents to your domain. When you create a parking site at Dub, you will need to specify some information about your domain, and Dub will start discovering and fetching only the relevant contents to your site.
All those contents will then be categorized and organized on your parking site automatically and your visitors can start consuming your site's content through your domain. In addition, Dub parking sites will also increase your users' engagement through automated newsletters, auto-posting to social media accounts like Twitter and allow users to comment on your contents.
Dub's parking sites contain many features which you will need to explore more and we describe it in detail in Dub Parking Site. Once set up, your parking site will be automated and be able to 'run itself' without requiring too much intervention from the domain owner. Detailed reports on your parking sites are also available on Dub's admin panel and also through newsletters.
Still not sure?
That's ok. The great thing about Dub is that you can swith back and forth between the two parking options. In fact, we encourage you to experiment with all the features that we provide so that you actually learn what your visitors want and adapt your domain according to the needs.
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