Creating a Parking Site - 5. Connect a Twitter Account to Your Parking Site
The next popup will ask you to connect a Twitter account to your parking site.
Screenshot 1. Dialogue to connect a Twitter account to your site
By connecting Twitter, Dub will automatically start tweeting popular contents from your site to your nominated Twitter account. This has several advantages.
First, it gives your parking site an immediate exposure to the social media. By tweeting quality contents, you have better chance of people on Twitter to find your contents and visit your site.
Second, apart from giving your domain some backlinks from Twitter, visitors to your site from Twitter can start interacting with your site. This increases the chance of the visitors signing up for newsletter and becoming a member of your site and also sharing your site with others.
The added benefit is that you will start gaining more followers on your Twitter account and more followers you have, more people will see your tweets and then more visitors to your site and then more engagement and so on.
Dub strictly obeys the rules of Twitter and we never SPAM your Twitter account. In fact, you can manage how often your contents are tweeted and you can disconnect at any time.
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