Parking Site Home Page
Click on the Sites under the Parking section on the menu and you will be taken to a page where all of your parking sites are listed as shown in screenshot 1.
Screenshot 1. Dub Parking site home page
This page contains a set of statistics which should give you an overview of how your parking sites are performing. The page also offers different ways to view the data in a list or a table view.
Is your domain connected yet?
Take a look at the screenshot 1 and for the domain you will see a red clock icon . This means that the domain that you have parked for your parking site hasn't been yet connected yet. This is nothing to worry. If you have followed the steps explained in Setup Domain it means that your domain is simply in the process of making this change. As noted in the document, it could take a few hours for the changes to be applied. Dub will check several times per hour to make sure that your domain is correctly connected.
Enable/disable your site
In screenshot 1, you will also see a switch button at the bottom of each parking site which is labeled as ENABLED or DISABLED. This switch allows you to deactivate your parking site. That means your site will not work via the domain that you have parked. However, you should still be able to visit your site via sub-domain provided by Dub.
Remember that we explained in Setup Domain, that every parking site created also gets its own Dub sub-domain. This sub-domain is useful when you need to visit your site even if your domain is not connected yet or there is something wrong with your DNS changes etc.
The purpose of enabling and disabling parking site may vary depending on your need. Most of users will probably have all of their parking sites enabled. However, there may be some times where you want to test out different things for your parking site and do not wish for search engines to index your site. Or perhaps you are testing out an ad-item and you want to see what it looks like before going live.
When you disable your parking site, your site will no longer be accessible via the domain that you parked, but Dub will simply redirect all the requests to the your parking site's sub-domain provided by Dub. Once you enable your parking site again, all requests to your parking site will go through your domain.