Analytics for Parking Site
Dub offers a good overview of analytics for your site in the dashboard page. If you wish to view a more in-depth analysis, then you can use Google Webmaster or Google Analytics.
Integrating with Google Analytics
Go to your parking site admin panel and click on Analytics.
Screenshot 1. Integrate Google Analytics with your parking site
You must provide your Google Analytics Tracking ID. This can be found in your Google Analytics control panel under Tracking Code, as shown in screenshot 2.
Screenshot 2. Finding the tracking code for Google Analytics
It should be in a format of XX-XXXXXXX-XX. Copy and paste this value and click on save. Your parking site should now start sending analytics data to Google Analytics.
Integrating Google Webmaster
If you wish to analyze your site via Google Webmaster, you are required to verify your site's ownership. Google Webmaster offers several ways to do this and on Dub, we use HTML META tag method for this.
First, log in to your Google Webmaster account and click on add property. When you are required to select an ownership verification method, click on the alternate methods and select HTML tag as shown below in screenshot 3.
Screenshot 3. Google Webmaster site ownership verification method
Copy the value of content attribute - one that has a series of random characters and copy this into the Google Webmaster settings in Dub as shown in screenshot 4.
Screenshot 4. Set up Google Webmaster at Dub
Save and you should now be able to analyze your site on your Google Webmaster account.
Using Site Map
Site Map is a file which lists all the links to contents that are available on your parking site. Typically, search engines use site maps to index websites so that they can be found more easily. For example Google Webmaster has a feature to ingest site maps, so if you have set-up your Google Webmaster, we strongly suggest you submit your site map as well.
Site maps are created automatically for every parking site and you can use this straight away. It can be found in Site Map tab in Analytics.