Domain Settings for Parking Site
The Domain section in settings is a page where you can change the domain parked for the parking site. It largely follows the similar steps take when you created your parking site the first time, where you chose a domain and setup your domain to get started.
Once you're on this page, you can change the domain you're parking and also apply a prefix for the domain that you selected. If you do change the domain, please read through domain setup process so that the newly selected domain's DNS setting is appropriately changed.
Screenshot 4. Set up Google Webmaster at Dub
Save and you should now be able to analyze your site on your Google Webmaster account.
Using Site Map
Site Map is a file which lists all the links to contents that are available on your parking site. Typically, search engines use site maps to easily index websites so that they can be found more easily. For example Google Webmaster has a feature to ingest site maps, so if you have set-up your Google Webmaster, we strongly suggest you submit your site map as well.
Site maps are created automatically for every parking site and you can use this straight away. It can be found in Site Map tab in Analytics.