Integration for Parking Site
For any website, it is important that you have features and mechanisms that help your visitors to return to your website. This could be in many forms. It could be an obvious feature such as consistently offering high quality contents that users like. But it could also be complementary features such as newsletters, notifications and social features, which together increases the chance of your visitors returning to your site.
Dub parking site, as stated in our introduction implements many of these strategies so that your parking site becomes an active and vibrant portal. One of these strategies is using social media and in this page, we will discuss how you can leverage social media in order to boost your parking site's engagement level as well as have your users return.
Integrating with Twitter, Blogger and Tumblr
Screenshot 1. Integration settings page for parking site
Click on Integration settings item and you will see a screenshot like one displayed in screenshot 1. Here, you will notice that you can integrate your parking site with Twitter, Blogger, Tumbr or Facebook.
By Integration we mean that we are going to use these social media as an outlet to post your parking site's most popular contents.
Click on Twitter tab and your screen will change to what is shown in screenshot 2.
Screenshot 1. Integration settings page for parking site
With a Twitter account connected, Dub can now automate the following two tasks. One is Auto Tweeting, which is taking the most popular contents on your parking site and tweeting it, according to the frequency interval provided.
Second task is Auto Re-Tweeting, which finds a relevant and popular tweet from Twitter and then re-tweeting it. If the first task is about exposing your contents to a wider community on Twitter, the second task can be considered as an effort to attract more people to follow your Twitter account, so that they can view your tweets and visit your parking site ultimately.
You can connect the same Twitter account to more than one parking site. Dub will still follow the frequency interval and make sure that your Twitter account is not bombarded by the tweets.
Blogger & Tumblr
Blogger & Tumblr are popular blogging platforms, which allow auto-posting of blog posts to a designated blog of your choice. If you integrate with any of these two, similar to Twitter integration, Dub will post popular contents from your parking site to your designated blog according to the frequency interval set.
Dub currently does not offer a direct posting to Facebook pages. But there are a number of third-party tools that offer this feature, including Zapier and
For Zapier, assuming you have an account, you can go to RSS to Facebook page to start syncing your RSS to Facebook page. works very much similarly to Zapier
If you have connected a Twitter account to your parking site, you can actually post the tweets directly to a Facebook page via Twitter. Go to Settings and Apps and you can click on Connect to Facebook as show in screenshot 1.
Screenshot 1. Posting tweets to your Facebook page