Translation for Parking Site
When you create a parking site for the first time, you would see text labels that are displayed by default. Examples are "Contact Us", "RSS Feed" etc. What if you want to change these to "Feedback" and "Get RSS Now" or change other text labels and wordings to something that you want or even to another language?
Translating your parking site
Go to your parking site admin panel and click on Translation.
Screenshot 1. Translation settings page for parking site
On this page, you will see the list of all the translation items and you can simply start updating them. Once you're done, click save for the changes to be applied.
Copying from an exising parking site
When you create another parking site, you may wish to apply the same translation used by a parking site that you have already created. In this case, simply click on Copy from another site (as shown in screenshot 1) button and select a site which you wish to copy from.
Reseting translation
At times, you may simply want to reset all the translations you applied and start afresh. For this, simply click on Reset to default (as shown in screenshot 1) button to reset all your translations.