In Parking Site Members we mentioned that its strength is to have your visitors return to your site be registering as a member. But what if your visitors do not wish to go through the sign-up process?
As a secondary "have-your-visitors-return" feature, Dub allows your visitors to also sign up to your newsletters. They can choose how often they want to receive the emails and just like the membership registration process, they need to confirm their email address. This is to make sure that your site does not get spammed.
All standard practice of an online newsletter is also available right out of the box such as changing your subscription details and un-subscribing.
Managing Subscribers
Subscribers can be managed via your Dub's admin panel. You should see "subscribers" menu item on your site as displayed in the screenshot 1 below.
Screenshot 1. Subscriber management available via admin panel
All basic management of subscribers such as deleting and editing are all available through this page.
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