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Adding a prefix to your domain when parking on Dub
When you create a new parking site or parking page on Dub, you would be prompted with a dialogue similar to shown in screenshot 1.
Screenshot 1 - Dialogue when creating a new parking site or parking page
In this document, we want to explain why you may want to add a prefix to your domain parked on Dub and how to go about setting it up correctly.
1. For domains that have their name servers pointing to Dub
In our documentation How to parking your domains we present two options for making changes to your domain so that they are parked correctly at Dub.
The first option, which involves changing your name servers, will simply direct all your visitors to your domain to your parking site (or parking page) created by Dub.
Your visitors will most likely type in something like and Dub will display your parking site correctly under that domain. However, it's also likely that some visitors will type in or with any type of prefix such as
If you have made a name server change, then Dub will handle all types of prefixes to your domain and correctly resolve to your root level domain, which is
As a personal preference though, you may wish your parking site or parking page to resolve to your domain with a specific prefix. For example, may websites also use "www" prefix (i.e. convention that stands for World Wide Web).
This prefix can be anything and if that is what you would like to do, you can specify this prefix in the dialogue box shown in screenshot 1.
  Why would I add a prefix?
Adding a prefix is not necessary, but it's good to have a consistent address format to your domain. This will help search engines to find your domain better.
You may also wish to check the existing backlinks to your site and find out what type of address format that they have. For a SEO purpose, it might be better if you maintain the consistent format.
2. For domains that are parked with a specific sub-domain via CNAME
In our How to parking your domains document, we added a second option to park your domain, which is via CNAME.
If you are parking your domain with a specific sub-domain (e.g., then you must fill in the dialogue box in screenshot 1, so that Dub can correctly resolve the right address for your parking site or parking page.
When using a specific sub-domain, your parking site or parking page will only be available via single address, which will be in the format of
  Having problems?
If you're having issues with anything that was explained in this page please and we will help you through all the necessary steps.