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How to generate revenue from your Dub sites
  Please follow the guidelines set by each advertising platform
Dub allows you to add any type of advertising components to your site. However, each advertising platform will have its own Terms of Service and guidelines. Please ensure that you read the Terms of Services provided by each and every advertising platform you use and you follow it when adding them to Dub.
So you have imported your domains and created Dub sites and everything looks good. For the next step, you may consider monetizing your Dub sites by displaying ads.
Dub allows you to add any type of advertising on your site. Usually, you will use third-party advertising platforms such as Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate Links etc.
The task of adding the advertising items from these third-party companies usually involves copying & pasting either HTML or JavaScript code.
You can manage all of your ad components via Dub's "Ad Components" manager shown below.
If you want to add a new "Ad Component", click on "+ New Ad Component" button, which will bring up a new dialog in which you can give it a name and copy & paste the code provided by your third-party advertising platform.
Once you have added your ad-component, you can now go to your site's "Revenue settings" page as shown below.
Dub inserts your ad components in specific places around the site. In "Desktop" mode, ads appear on the right hand side and at the top of the main section. On mobile devices, ads appear at the bottom of the page.
For each of these advertising spaces, you can select any ad components you would like to display by selecting them from the drop down. We strongly recommed you add the ad component that fits into the space so that your ads appear correctly.
  How does Dub display multiple ads per space?
You can select as many ad components for each space. Dub will rotate around each of the ad component and display them.
Some advertising components are not necessarily "space-based". For example, VigLink codes are applied to the links within each site. For these type of advertising, you can add them to the "site-wide" section and it will be applied throughout the whole site.
  Got questions? Let us know.
We understand that advertising is an important part of your site. So if you have any issues, let us know and we will help you set things up.