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100% Automation
Describe your blog and our AI will create high quality article ideas, write long-form contents and publish them - all automatically.
Review & Approve
You can review article ideas provided by AI, refine & approve them before they are published. You are the editor-in-chief!
Discover & Summarize
Find articles that are relevant to your site and our AI will summarize, convert and merge them as unique articles for your blog.
💸 Interested in monetizing your blog? We got you covered.
✨ Bring your own ads, keep all you earn.
Add your own ads (e.g. Google AdSense) or affiliate links (e.g. Amazon affiliate) or create your own banner ads. Bring yours and keep all you earn.
🛒 Sell ad spaces & sponsored posts (coming soon)
Let others to advertise on your blog or charge for letting someone write a guest post on your site. All the features are included to handle payments directly through Dub.
Build a community, sell memberships (coming soon)
Scale your Dub to become a niche community and start charging for memberships. Decide your own pricing and Dub integrates with your Stripe account directly to make everything seamless.

Ready to scale your blog? We are ready when you are.

As your site grows and attracts audience, it will naturally become a niche community.
We are with you at every step of the way, which includes scaling your site.

Enable membership
Grow your community by turning visitors into members who can sign up with email or third-party accounts (e.g. Google).
Socials, built-in
Your members can vote, favorite, comment and provide feedback on your site - all the social features included.
Turn it into a private community
Drive further engagement by turning your blog into a member-only private community with a member review & approval flow built-in.
Built-in Newsletters
Automatically send newsletters to your members to update them on the latest arti and bring them back to your site.
Translate entire site.
Change every text that appears on your site using our translation feature (even to another language!)
Roles & Permissions
Set roles with permissions and delegate admin & moderation tasks to other members to maintain your site's quality.
Custom pages & links
Add your own custom static pages (e.g. About us) and links to better engage with your community members.
Style it the way you want
Upload your logo, select a theme, change colors, fonts, text sizes of various elements on your site to truly make it unique.
Notification settings
Allow your members to receive email notifications when someone comments or replies to keep your members engaged.
Manage with a powerful admin panel.
Configure and manage everything related to your blog with our powerful admin panel - you're in complete control.
Connect your own domain.
Got your own domain? Use it for your Dub site. We handle DNS and HTTPS automatically - simple!
Support when you need it.
New features & updates are released multiple times a week and we pride ourselves on having the best support.

Dub Pricing

Start free. Then pay as your site grows. No lock in. Cancel any time.

$0 / month
10 article generations
Up to 1K pageviews
Dub Sub-domain
🏘️ 30 members
$6 / month
30 article generations
Up to 5K pageviews
Use your own domain
💰 Monetization enabled
🏘️ 100 members
$10 / month
50 article generations
Up to 10K pageviews
Use your own domain
💰 Monetization enabled
🏘️ 300 members
$20 / month
100 article generations
Up to 50K pageviews
Use your own domain
💰 Monetization enabled
🏘️ 1,000 members
$30 / month
200 article generations
Up to 200K pageviews
Use your own domain
💰 Monetization enabled
🏘️ 2,000 members
$50 / month
500 article generations
Up to 1M pageviews
Use your own domain
💰 Monetization enabled
🏘️ 10,000 members
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